The good things in life!

I am a person who is in love with all the good things in life. I’m not sure if what I say makes perfect sense as the perception of ‘what are the good things’ differs from person to person.

I love the smell of fresh mud after a rain, and the smell of jasmine flowers which bloom towards the end of May and in the beginning of June in my home state Kerala. The monsoon season begins towards the end of May there. The scorching heat will give way to the gentle breeze laden with the coolness of water, bringing the promise of rain. I loved the monsoon in Kerala. Even if I am in the worst of moods – stressed out by the multitude of complexities that are part of daily life, the promise of rain in the air can invariably lift my spirits.

I love good food. I am a fairly good cook, and a fairly good eater, as the weight I am trying lose will vouch for. 😉 I love listening to music – good songs from old Hindi and Malayalam movies, ghazals by Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hassan, good Tamil songs by Ilayaraja and A R Rehman. I get goosebumps when I hear the melodies being rendered by the good singers. I too wanted to sing like them, but now I have come to terms with the truth that loving music doesn’t make you a good singer.

There are so many things to write about, I don’t think a single post can hold it. I love beautifully arranged homes and I dislike clutter. Recently, I have found that decluttering my home lifts my moods, which has helped me avoid many clashes with my family.

Love the smell of fresh sheets. Love travelling in the side seat of trains and buses, listening to music and watching the world pass me by. Can immerse myself in the smell of a new book.

If I get a cup of hot coffee – and some spicy snacks on a rainy evening with the smell of jasmine flowers blooming on my balcony, I can say life is blissful.

In spite of everything, it is.

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